Someone Greater than me

The quote that I often fall back on, especially when I am scared is, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” John 4:4 The reason I use this quote a great deal is that it helps me to overcome my fears when I know Jesus (the greater someone) is with me and in me and so I don’t have to be afraid.

I began using this quote because as a new college student many years ago, I got scared while in a classroom. I watch what I thought was a very scary film (I don’t even remember what it was) and I freaked out. A good Christian friend came up to me and told me about this verse in the Bible and then prayed with me. It really helped me to put things in perspective. So now I repeat this verse and pray to the Greater One–Jesus whenever I am scared by something or someone.



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I Can’t Stay Mad at you

Response to the prompt: “Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?”

I don’t believe in holding grudges because of what happened to me when I was young:

The first experience happened when I was just 20 years old. I had just learned that my stepfather was not my real father and that my real father lived in Germany. At first, I was very angry at both my parents for not telling me the truth sooner. But that anger churned in my soul for weeks and I was not happy, I was tormented. Finally I went to a Christian meeting where the speaker spoke of forgiveness and holding grudges. Deep in my soul I knew she was telling the truth because of the torment I felt. I started to cry and I forgave my parents right then and there. I felt a weight drop off of me and I was happier.

The next time I experienced what happened when one hold’s grudges was when a deeper more buried in my subconsciousness surfaced. A near relative of mine had abused me sexually when I was 11-12 years old. I had buried that memory deep within and forgotten it. But with it I buried the anger and bitterness I felt. Years later, when I was attending Oral Roberts University, a friend of mine recounted a memory of her own similar to mine and we prayed about it. I then went to go to the aerobic center to do some walking and as I walked the memory of mine came slamming into my conscience along with the anger and hatred I felt. Nothing could have been more painful. I ran back to my friend and recounted my own tale and feelings. Although praying helped us both, we needed weeks of counseling to put it behind us.

So now, I cannot hold my anger and grudges any longer. I know personally what it will do to me if I do.  (Matthew 18:18-35)

The Problem with My Bedroom

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweeping Motions.”

My bedroom is a mess. Computer desktop fine. How I got to have a messy bedroom? Here’s how? I am a messy person by nature as far as physical things are concerned. But it really got bad while I was caring for my mother. We had just suddenly lost my brother due to a devastating illness and she had no one to help her. My son took over in January and I came home with my bedroom in filled with boxes, my shelving removed and a huge table with stuff on it from the shelving unit. My husband expected me to go through all those boxes. I have some physical problems (arthritis) in the back that prevented me from being able to go through the boxes. I was madder that a bull who discovered another being inside his pasture. My bedroom is still a mess.

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Sin has left a crimson stain

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

The third line from the last son was in the title to this blog. When we are born, we are born in sin. That means that we have the propensity to sin. We can’t help but sin. Our mothers and fathers try to teach us to behave ourselves and some are more successful than others but all children do wrong things, no matter how much we are trained otherwise. As a matter of fact even in our first year we selfishly cry and pitch a fit. Not to say that is all bad because we are helpless little critters and we need to tell our mommies and sometimes our daddies that we are hungry or dirty and uncomfortable. But babies at some time in their young lives sometimes cry for no good reason, except that they are unhappy and want the world to know it. There are not a whole lot of “quiet babies” that don’t make trouble. Babies also as soon as they are able to move about a little have the capacity and the will to get themselves into trouble.  But what if Adam and Eve not sinned. Would our children not get into stuff they were not to get into? Something to think about.

There is some good news about our sinning and sin leaving a crimson stain that we can’t get rid of. God knew and proved in the 4,000 year history before Christ that we could not stay good all of our lives. He knew that we would need someone to help us out of this situation. That is where the fourth line comes in. “He washed us white as snow.” Jesus died on the cross that’s what this song is all about. He paid it all. He paid for all our sin. And when we acknowledge that we need Him He is there to forgive our sins and “wash us white as snow”  Isn’t that good news?

Taking Pills are Not the Answer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Red Pill, Blue Pill.”

It doesn’t matter how many nutrients are put in a pill, man was not made to take pills. Man was meant to eat food. It would be a very boring way of life. Sure, some people would say that it saves time but I like food. I enjoy the taste of food. Maybe if I lost my sense of taste but nah my stomach was made for food. I don’t like to take pills anyway. I struggle taking the medications that my doctor has me on. I would go on a campaign telling people this is not the answer.

Winter: A Cold Force of Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forces of Nature.”

Winter weather around here can be very unpredictable. This last winter wasn’t all that bad, even though it was cold, the predicted bad weather didn’t really show up. But the winter the year before had us thinking the ice age had come. We were in a freezer box so cold I could hardly move, even when I put on layers of winter clothing. My husband experienced the force of winter when he lost the hood of his car when he was speeding up to get on the highway. He didn’t realize that when he checked the engine at a truck stop, he didn’t put the hood down all the way. When he sped up, the blast of the winter wind blew his hood up to the windshield, cracked it and then blew it off the car.

This is what our car looked like for a year (not our car but close). Put a huge crack across the windshield and you can picture what our car looked like. We finally got a hood but the windshield still needs to get fixed.

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