Winter: A Cold Force of Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forces of Nature.”

Winter weather around here can be very unpredictable. This last winter wasn’t all that bad, even though it was cold, the predicted bad weather didn’t really show up. But the winter the year before had us thinking the ice age had come. We were in a freezer box so cold I could hardly move, even when I put on layers of winter clothing. My husband experienced the force of winter when he lost the hood of his car when he was speeding up to get on the highway. He didn’t realize that when he checked the engine at a truck stop, he didn’t put the hood down all the way. When he sped up, the blast of the winter wind blew his hood up to the windshield, cracked it and then blew it off the car.

This is what our car looked like for a year (not our car but close). Put a huge crack across the windshield and you can picture what our car looked like. We finally got a hood but the windshield still needs to get fixed.

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