Sin has left a crimson stain

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

The third line from the last son was in the title to this blog. When we are born, we are born in sin. That means that we have the propensity to sin. We can’t help but sin. Our mothers and fathers try to teach us to behave ourselves and some are more successful than others but all children do wrong things, no matter how much we are trained otherwise. As a matter of fact even in our first year we selfishly cry and pitch a fit. Not to say that is all bad because we are helpless little critters and we need to tell our mommies and sometimes our daddies that we are hungry or dirty and uncomfortable. But babies at some time in their young lives sometimes cry for no good reason, except that they are unhappy and want the world to know it. There are not a whole lot of “quiet babies” that don’t make trouble. Babies also as soon as they are able to move about a little have the capacity and the will to get themselves into trouble.  But what if Adam and Eve not sinned. Would our children not get into stuff they were not to get into? Something to think about.

There is some good news about our sinning and sin leaving a crimson stain that we can’t get rid of. God knew and proved in the 4,000 year history before Christ that we could not stay good all of our lives. He knew that we would need someone to help us out of this situation. That is where the fourth line comes in. “He washed us white as snow.” Jesus died on the cross that’s what this song is all about. He paid it all. He paid for all our sin. And when we acknowledge that we need Him He is there to forgive our sins and “wash us white as snow”  Isn’t that good news?


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